Qt Quick or Qt GUI?

  • How can I decide when to use Qt Quick or Qt GUI?

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    @MAthias_Va said in Qt Quick or Qt GUI?:

    How can I decide when to use Qt Quick or Qt GUI?

    You can't use QtQuick without QtGui module. I suspect you meant QtWidgets instead.

    My recommendations:

    • learn both yourself - creating a few simple apps in both QtQuick and QtWidgets is by far the best way to gain personal opinion on the matter
    • QtQuick is best suited for modern, good looking, animated apps with custom looks
    • QtWidgets are working well with more traditional UIs. Creating custom components is harder here
    • QtQuick is benefiting from OpenGL support
    • QtQuick makes it easier to separate business logic and UI
    • QtWidgets are compiled into your application - there is no runtime overhead. QtQuick needs to be interpreted by QQmlEngine first, before the UI is shown (this has been mitigated greatly in newest Qt releases with QtQuick Compiler and other optimizations)
    • both technologies are still fully supported, neither is going to be deprecated any time soon
    • QtWidgets offers a stable API. In QtQuick world, the API is still in a (tiny) bit of flux
    • the bridge between C++ and QML is somewhat complicated, it takes time to get used to it and to learn to use it properly. QtWidgets are C++ only, so here there is no such problem at all
    • a lot of Qt C++ APIs are not available in QML (they can be easily added by wrappers, though)

    These are just some points out of the top of my head. I think the best way is to try both technologies, as I mentioned.

  • thanks @sierdzio

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