What is the proper way to update lots of QStandardItem?

  • I have a QStandardItemModel and have a lot of items. The Items may changed their Text frequently.
    I use perf to find out the bottleneck of my task. And found that QStandardItem::row() cost above 80% cpu cycle. After add some workaround to skip the calling of QStandardItem::row(), I found QStandardItem::setText() cost above 80% cpu now.
    Both row() and setText() are finally calling QStandardItemPrivate::position(), which is the real expensive function.

    I can move row() to another thread, but is it safe to call setText() in another thread?

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    @Mr-Pang Moving setText() to another thread will not make it faster and modifying GUI related classes from other threads as GUI thread is not allowed. The question is: why do you need to modify so many items so often?

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    In addition what @jsulm said, from where the data is coming ? Is it user entering it or some back end process updates it ? What is the size of your model ? How many rows & cols ?

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    One more question is it flat (i.e. is it a table or a tree)?
    QStandardItemModel is known to be not very efficient so you might find out subclassing your own model is the the way to go

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