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WebSocket in QtQuick 1.1

  • Is there a way to use WebSockets in QML only with QtQuick 1.1?
    As far as I understand there's no QtWebSockets, but I tried with pure JavaScript and it fails too:

    websocket = new WebSocket("ws://");

    TypeError: Type error

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    Did you check the QtWebSocket examples ?
    I'd start there and replace the QtQuick 2 stuff with QtQuick 1.

    Out of curiosity, why are you tied to QtQuick 1.1 ?

  • Yes, but here the doc states:

    Import Statement: import QtWebSockets 1.1
    Since: Qt 5.3

    I'm working with this product that comes with an sd-card with a pre-installed Yocto custom environment with nothing else than a loader for QML files. And it's based upon Qt4.7.1 and QtQuick 1.1. The manufacturer doesn't offer any support about customizing anything.

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    Qt 4.7.1 ? That's the kind of details that you should have put in your first message.

    Since it's a yocto system you should be able to re-build the image with a more recent version of Qt or at least ask them whether they have that in the pipe.

  • @SGaist Sorry, I thought QtQuick 1.1 was enough! Unfortunately they just say "you're on your own" about customizing their product and I have no time to learn and re-build the whole image. It's planned, but not now. At the moment I need to find a solution with the very old stuff.

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    You can add the web socket functionality on your own for your project. It is doable.

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