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Disable QSlider's valueChanged on keyboard arrow keys

  • How can I disable QSlider's emitting SIGNAL valueChanged on keyboard arrows and mouseWheel scroll. By setting


    the keyboards arrows keys are not emitting signals.

    How can I do the same for mouse wheel scroll? I don't want to reimplement my custom Slider class from QSlider. Am asking for any work around or api, so that I can disable the keyboard and mouse wheel scroll responding to qslider.

    The main intention is to avoid sending signals on every valueChange. So I have implemented the following and it's working fine


    based on bool flag updated in these 2 slots,


    is doing the required operation...like after slider released, value is being added in the required application.

    Request to provide approaches, examples for the work around.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Wouldn't disabling the tracking property do what you want ?

  • Tried..but it didn't help

  • Qt Champions 2017

    EventFilter is the option.

  • @dheerendra Yes..I'll try with EventFilter

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