QWebView gets shown black via VNC

  • Hi all,

    we've got a CentOS 7 machine here, running an application that shows a QWebView (Qt 5.9.6). The application runs just fine when we start it locally (with a monitor attached to the machine) or via slogin -X.
    However when we connect via VNC the QWebView is black. I know that the content is properly loaded since I see corresponding log entries, it's just that we don't get to see the content. There are no errors whatsoever on stderr. Unfortunately there is no vnc log file. We are using TigerVNC which does not produce log files when started via inetd.

    Did any one of you ever have that problem? Any help is appreciated.


  • We solved it.

    In the inet.d configuration the argument "depth 16" has been passed to xvnc. QWebView only seems to work when you pass in a depth of 32.

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