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QML nfcchat app Black Screen prblm

  • hi,

    while i was deploying "nfcchat": on C7 Anna
    i got a black screen on the device instead of the expected UI

    first i tried the sis
    then compiled the code
    in both cases i got the black screen

    despite it runs on the Simulator :S :S

    extra info on my dev tools versions
    Qt 4.7.4 on PC and installed its sis on the C7
    QtMobility 1.2 and installed its sis on the C7 also

    hint: the device can run other QML and NFC apps like "NFC P2P Example":

    any suggestions


  • after some investigation i got the solution--

    if u faced the same problem as described above
    do these steps

    connect ur testing device

    go to Projects tab then switch to Symbian device Run tab

    click on the small blue button w i in it

    if u found
    @Qt Quick components version: Not installed@

    go to <QtSDK-Dir>/Symbian/sis/Symbian^3/qt-components

    and install qt-components_1_0.sis

    now if u re-press that info button u will get
    Qt Quick components version: 1.0.0
    and can install qml apps


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