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Unable to load web page in debug mode

  • I'm trying to load a web page to QWebEngineView. In release mode (of Qt Creator) the widget shows a page but in debug mode the page just turns from white to gray. I've printed verbose logs and in debug mode there are a lot of this kind of messages:

    [8900:5504:1105/111656.726:VERBOSE1:node.cc(435)] Observing lost connection from node 7902BC2AC5A9A3E9.F151502E90DDA9CC to node 89366EF2CC5A15F0.F07EDC940A48BBCE


    [8900:5504:1105/111656.729:VERBOSE1:node_controller.cc(660)] Dropping message for unknown peer: 89366EF2CC5A15F0.F07EDC940A48BBCE

    In release mode these messages don't appear so I thought maybe the problem lies here. What do you think? Do you have any ideas how to solve this?

    My Qt version is the latest 5.11 (I just installed it a few days ago) and I'm using Windows 10 pro.

    Here are the complete logs:

    Release: https://pastebin.com/gLpaMSK4

    Debug: https://pastebin.com/gzf4s90z

  • @mmikkone To answer myself: I changed Qt version to 5.9.7 and it works fine, so there might be something wrong with version 5.11.2 precompiled binaries. I'm continuing using 5.9.7.

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