lupdate is not producing .ts files for me

  • I'm diving into using the translation features for the first time and can't seem to generate the .ts files I need. When I run lupdate, I just get an error message that no .ts file has been specified, and no files are generated. The docs I've read don't say anything about specifying a .ts file. How do I get this to work?

    This is my command prompt:

    D:\dev\starling2\game\2019\GoldfinchQt>lupdate -verbose
    Info: creating stash file D:\dev\starling2\game\2019\GoldfinchQt\.qmake.stash
    lupdate warning: no TS files specified. Only diagnostics will be produced for 'D:/dev/starling2/game/2019/GoldfinchQt/'.

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    hi @kitfox

    there are two ways I know of. The, in my opinion, best way is to specify your translation files inside your *.pro file

    TRANSLATIONS = myApp_de.ts \

    if you don't want to do it this way, than you'll have to specify a file.ts name as argument to the lUpdate program call.
    I know this works, but I'm unsure where exactly to place the file-argument. So I can't give you an example for that.

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