Suggestion for a timeline editor based application

  • Hi to everyone,
    I'm new to the QT world and I wanna try to make a project to play with it.
    In my project I need to recreate a multitrack timeline, like many music composition software (let's say Ableton Live, Logic Pro or Reaper).
    I've looked if there's any widget already made that can do what I need but I haven't found anything, so I will try to make my own.

    But before starting I have a big doubt: I've seen two path, the first one is to make that as a series of widgets, the second one is to make it in QML.
    It's all new for me, so learn one or the other is not a problem, I just wanna choice the best one that follow this criteria:

    • probably a desktop only application
    • best performance (my application would probably make many CPU intensive work in some other thread)
    • easy to create custom UI element (probably all the UI element I need in my application are particular, so I need to make it from scratch or extend one and modify it)

    Also if you have any other suggestion or example of timeline where I can see some ideas/structures, they're welcome!
    I'm currently looking at the source code of lmms, but there's some thing that are different from what I need/expect.

    Thanks to all for the help

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean something like kdenlive uses ?

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