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Hi how to get standalone exe in qt?

  • hi, i need standalone exe of my qt application, so that i can transfer to other PCs how to get it??

    i read the procedure. so i tried it : when i ve done first steps:

    1. configure -static -opensource .. i got this error...

    Couldn't update default mkspec! Are files in C:/Qt/2010.05/qt/mkspecs/default readonly..

    am using opensource only.. how to rectify this.. and then i moved to fwd... and tried

    1.mingw32-make clean
    2.qmake -config release
    3.mingw32 make

    i got exe in release folder. but its not standalone exe.. its expecting some dll.. how to perform it??

    pls help me...

    thanks in advance ,

  • thanks vass. but i dint understood last 4 lines. can you explain me??

    Now you have to build the makefiles (but only for the libraries, not for the tools):
    bin\qmake.exe projects.pro QT_BUILD_PARTS=“libs” JAVASCRIPTCORE_JIT=“yes”
    Now you can build Qt:

    in where we ve to give ur project location and their files...... and where it will create standalone exe.....

  • Building a static version of the Qt libraries and building a static version of your application (I guess this is what you mean with "standalone exe") are two different things.

    You will have to compile a static version of Qt first (which is described in the link you've got). Your application then has to link against this set of static Qt libraries afterwards. There are tons of threads here at the QDN and the internet on how to do this.

    Be aware that linking against a static version of the Qt libraries usually qualifies for a commercial Qt license unless you do not release your application under the terms of the LGPL or compatible as well.

  • And please, do yourself a favor and grab the plain sources from the "download pages":http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/downloads#qt-lib (the source code is linked in the 2nd paragraph). Do not try to recompile the libs from the SDK or any prebuilt binary package!

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