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Nominations for Qt Champions 2018 are open

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    We have now opened the nominations for Qt Champions in 2018!

    As before, please think about who has helped you out the most during the past year and nominate them via the Qt wiki at

    The categories are:

    • Community Builder
    • Content Creator
    • Quality Assurer
    • Developer
    • Fixer
    • Ambassador
    • Rookie of the Year
    • Maverick

    The criteria for the nominations can be found on the same page. If there is anyone who should be in several categories, or has done something that does not fit in any of the categories. then please mention this too!

    The nominations will be kept open until the 16th December 2018 and the winners announced soon after that. Qt Champions will receive hand-picked Qt Champion items and a full Qt license for a year.

    So please go to and make your nominations!

    Kind regards,

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    Just a note: don't be afraid if you get an error like "Your edit was aborted by an article save hook" when saving the wiki page, that is due to moderation.

    Your edit will appear after a moderator has approved it.

  • Did I misunderstand the procedure? I abstained from the nominations, primarily because anyone I could think of was already nominated. I was waiting for an announcement on a vote, but I didn't see one. So I was a little surprised today when I saw the results were final.

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    This is my bad and I apologise. I copy/pasted a previous post relating to this and followed the same procedure that was done for 2017 (as I am just filling in with this one while we still look for a new community manager). It should have been made clearer as to how it was done, the decision was done by myself and with @SGaist (who was then our only lifetime champion). For next year, I'll be sure to pass on the feedback to the new community manager who may want to take a different approach to how the voting takes place.

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    This post is deleted!

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