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Activeqt events problem

  • hi everyone
    i have dll,i use dumpcpp to generate class files and then i use this dll
    it works fine except its events
    i know it has event name "signal1()"
    i use this code
    and when i see my debug output it doesn't get me error about sender or reciever is missing
    but it doe'snt run my slot name myslot()
    how can i fix this?

  • this highly depends in the implementation of x ;-)

  • i generate the x class with dumpcpp
    it hast this line on it ,i think the problem it about this line
    @// skipping event interface _IZKEMEvents@
    how can i make dumpcpp to not skip events?

  • and i use this code but it does'nt have any differences
    it does'nt get me error about sender or reciever is missing

  • should i use Idispatch?how?

  • i have change it to not to use dumppcpp generated file and i writes manually
    this is my program:
    @container = new QAxWidget(this);
    but now it only emit one signal name OnConnected()
    and other siganls doesn't emitted
    what should i do?

  • I'm generating class with dumpcpp and it also has "skipping event interface" line. But when I'm using signal by name it works fine. Just make sure you are specifying correct signal name.

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