Freely resizing and moving items in QML window

  • Hello, Is there any layout, or method to freely resize items that are fed by C++ model. Also, can the item be freely positioned anywhere in the window? I see that rowlayout, columnlayout, gridlayout items are of same size. In my case, I would like to have layout which does not constrain such size and I can just increase item size at run-time and be able to position such item in window anywhere possible.
    Please help.

  • See if the items listed here are useful for your case

  • The core idea of "layout" is to constrain size and position, so you describe a layout which is not a layout. You could for example see if Repeater fits your needs with the delegate doing absolute positioning. That could work if the amount of items is limited and the model can contain the information from which you can calculate the size and position of each item.

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