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Buggy user interface on wayland

  • Hello,

    I am creating an application for a college course right now, but when running the application under wayland, I get strange interface glitches every time I update a widget (such as typing, clicking buttons, mousing over, or incrementing a counter box). The same binary for the application, when run under X11, does not produce any of these glitches. In both cases, I started the program, "connected" to the robot, entered some text into the two text fields, and then used my arrow keys to rapidly increment the QSpinBox.

    Here is a video of the program running properly under X11, and Here is that same program glitching out under wayland.

    I am using QMetaObject::invokeMethod from a different thread to enable the UI elements at the beginning of the clips, and all instances of that command include Qt::QueuedConnection, which I understand is required to ensure thread safety. I have noticed that resizing the window "resets" something internally, and everything becomes stable until the values are changed again.

    I am currently using Ubuntu, and running Gnome on Wayland, and using Qt 5.12 beta release.