ManualFocus on iPad (6th gen)

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    I'm building an iOS camera app ( which I'm testing on the iPad 6th gen ( early 2018 ) ) and I'm confused by the output I get from QCameraFocus. I am wondering if it could possibly be a bug, but I don't really know how to confirm if it is indeed one, or if it's a limitation of the camera or a limitation of something else. I use this bit of code to get the QCameraFocus from the camera and check it's available focus modes:

                QCameraFocus * qcf = camera->getCamera()->focus();
                qInfo() << qcf->isFocusModeSupported(QCameraFocus::ManualFocus);
                qInfo() << qcf->isFocusModeSupported(QCameraFocus::HyperfocalFocus);
                qInfo() << qcf->isFocusModeSupported(QCameraFocus::InfinityFocus);
                qInfo() << qcf->isFocusModeSupported(QCameraFocus::AutoFocus);
                qInfo() << qcf->isFocusModeSupported(QCameraFocus::ContinuousFocus);
                qInfo() << qcf->isFocusModeSupported(QCameraFocus::MacroFocus);

    It returns true only for AutoFocus and ContinuousFocus, everything else returns false. Now, the reason why I think there might be a problem here is because if I use the default camera app on the iPad, I am able to set the focus manually to any point on the image ( this would be manual focus I suppose ). Therefore, since it can be done in another app, I can safely assume that it is supported by the camera, right? So, why does it show as not supported in Qt?

    Any thoughts on the issue would be appreciated.



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    @errollgarner Could be a bug. You can search in Qt bug tracker and file a bug if it is not already filed.

  • I should have done that first. It is indeed a reported bug. It has been around since Qt 5.7 apparently. (

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    @errollgarner please add the link to the bug issue here and mark as solved.

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