QLowenergyController destroy fail

  • Hi!

    I develop a BLE app in Qt 5.11.2.
    If I connecting and disconnecting to a device, I received a QLowenergyContoller disconnected signal, and I deleted the QLowenergController object without error.

    But, if I try to connect to a device, and it is not success, for exapmle it is switched off, I received an Unknownerror, a Closingstate and an UnconnectedState.
    If I trying to destroy the QLowenergyController object now, I receive a Segmentation Fault, this is the gdb output:

    #0  QDBusAbstractInterface::asyncCallWithArgumentList (this=0x0, method=..., args=...) at qdbusabstractinterface.cpp:519
    #1  0x7646c7c8 in OrgBluezDevice1Interface::Disconnect (this=<optimized out>) at bluez/device1_bluez5_p.h:144
    #2  QLowEnergyControllerPrivateBluezDBus::disconnectFromDevice (this=0x1e7aa0) at qlowenergycontroller_bluezdbus.cpp:329
    #3  0x763f3038 in QLowEnergyController::disconnectFromDevice (this=<optimized out>) at qlowenergycontroller.cpp:621

    In Qt 5.10.1 after unsuccesful connection I received the unconnected signal.

    Thanks in advance

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