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macOS: CommandLineTools and mkspec mismatch

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently setup a new MacOS dev environment, the previous hardware was not compatible with the newest OS, and I've run in a so far unencountered issue.

    I installed X-Code and Homebrew and during both installations Developer CommandLineTools where installed. And they are now duplicated on my System.

    As a result, the autodetection of the ios-Kit did not work. So I added it manually.
    QtCreator now tells me that qmake uses a different toolset than selected in the kits.

    in principle this shouldn't be an issue, and for desktop compilations it actually isn't, but when set to iOS I get the error "Could not recolve SDK Path for iPhones using --show-sdk-path"

    I would like to set the default toolset to the one installed by X-Code and as a result let the Auto-Kit detection do its magic. This should solve the warnings and the sdk-path issue as well.

    But I'm unsure how and where to do this.


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    Removing Homebrew solved the issue.

    My problem is gone, but if anyone has answer to the above question, I would like to hear/read it.

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    Any chance that the homebrew Qt qmake was in your PATH ?

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    @SGaist hi,

    Chances are that Homebrew installation did make changes to the path. It does requier a sudo call to install correctly.

    Also after removing Homebrew, everything wan't fixed from the get go, I had to call sudo /usr/bin/xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer to fix compiler link errors.

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