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[Solved] How to convert url like string to unicode string?

  • I am facing one problem when using gallery of Qt mobility.
    DocumentGalleryModel {
    id: galleryModel
    rootType: DocumentGallery.Text
    properties: [ "fileName", "path", "filePath" ]
    sortProperties: [ "filePath" ]
    filter: GalleryFilterUnion {
    filters: [
    GalleryWildcardFilter {
    property: "fileName";
    value: ".TXT";
    GalleryWildcardFilter {
    property: "fileName";
    value: "

    The returned fileName, filePath are encoded like @/home/user/MyDocs/Documents/Ebook/% E9% 97% B4% E5% AE% A2.txt@
    How can I convert those PercentEncoding strings to UTF-8 string?

    One more thing, if I use Text element to show the fileName, it could show it right(间客), but filePath just show the plaintext(/home/user/MyDocs/Documents/Ebook/% E9% 97% B4% E5% AE% A2.txt)

  • Got it worked, just need to use javascript function decodeURI(), this would decode the URI to string.

  • Could you please mark it as solved? Edit your post and add [Solved] in front. Thank you!

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