Top Tips to Win All Levels in Angry Birds

  • Angry bird is one of the most popular games among players of all age. This skill game has grown and advanced to be a birdie and is out with some best features to make the game more exciting and interesting. Winning the game is something that every player desire of when one walks through the different levels of the game.

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    Some useful tips for you to master the game

    So here are a few tips to help you master the birdie game.

    Know About Your Birds
    While playing angry birds one needs to acquaint themselves thoroughly with the birdies, they all have different advantages. Thus you need to know the area of excellence of the birds that you have with you. If you wish to win all the levels of angry birds, then you need to make use of the birds with proper strategies which may earn you bonus points as well.

    Gulp in the Ads to Get an Extra Life

    The ads may get you mad when you are in the middle of your game, but watching these ads can win you extra birds when you are having a tough time playing a hard level. It can give you an extra life and may also double the worth of your rewards. Watching ads to earn an extra life is obviously better than the barter system for gems in exchange for an extra life.

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    Spells Are Awesome - Save It

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    Try to make the most out of the spells when you are on a tough level, and it will help you to destroy the piggies at a faster pace.

    Spells are the best things that you can save for yourself to use them when you actually need them. You can use them when you are really stumped and finding hard to cross a level. Try to make the most out of them when you are on a tough level, and it will help you to destroy the piggies at a faster pace. Also, make sure that you know your spells well so that you can use them accordingly.

    Eye on the Golden Eggs

    Your eyes should always ogle for golden eggs and should not be missed at any cost. These golden eggs can win you some good fortune by getting you bonus rewards and extra rounds for the gameplay. So keep trying to bag all the golden eggs that come your way.


    alt text
    Tracker is there for a purpose and shows a white colored line when you are ready to fire your short.

    Tracker is not just there for the sake of being there; it is there for a purpose and shows a white colored line when you are ready to fire your short. So pay heeds to the tracker lines and use them for your advantage of hitting the right target with the help of the traced outline. Do not just blindly pull your slingshot instead trace the dotted lines to be an ace angry bird shooter.

    The Friendly Aspect
    The best way to earn more lives and gems is to have a friendly approach towards your fellow angry bird's players. Applying the give and take system rule for likeminded angry bird freaks may hike the chances for you to bump on some regular gifts and gems that will help you out for winning the game.

    So get going and follow these thumb rules to emerge out as a winner of Angry Birds.

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