Qt Creator's run settings

  • When you open a project, select Projects on the left sidebar and select Run settings you can see Run Environment details.
    The question is - where are these settings stored? I've searched over windows' registry and projects' .user files but there is nothing related to it. And when i select "Clean environment" the PATH variable still contains paths to my projects' dependencies.

  • Did some investigations of Qt Creator's sources. It takes clean Run Environment from project's .pro files by searching for "-L/some/folder" records. I didn't find any reference to it in Qt Creator's manual.

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    The environment is not stored: It is generated by making sure all required stuff is there.

    You can extend/change/override this with your own settings which are saved as a delta to the "normal" environment in the .user file. Whether the environment is the system or the clean one is stored in the same place.

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