Unable to install new apps

  • I have an N950 which currently refuses to install any new apps - either through the Ovi Store or by downloading a .deb file. In the Ovi Store it indicates it is starting the download then nothing happens. If I try to install via .deb then I get a "cannot install due to unresolved error" or something like that.

    I was wondering if anyone knows a terminal command that could fix any potentially broken dependencies automatically?


  • I'm not sure, but you can try:
    @apt-get -f install@ in terminal under root account

  • Thanks Vass, will give it a try. Strangely though I haven't been able to install an app for two weeks then today I switch it on & off twice about 30 minutes a go and its gone back to normal. Weird. Developer devices I guess. But thanks for your help.

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