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qt 5.8 installation

  • Hi everyone ,
    i have install qt5.8 in visualstudio 2013 but not installed qmake are not created
    and display this error how to resolve this

    link /OUT:..\bin\qmake.exe project.obj main.obj ioutils.obj proitems.obj qmakevfs.obj qmakeglobals.obj qmakeparser.obj qmakeevaluator.obj qmakebuiltins.obj makefile.obj unixmake.obj unixmake2.obj mingw_make.obj option.obj winmakefile.obj projectgenerator.obj property.obj meta.obj makefiledeps.obj metamakefile.obj xmloutput.obj msvc_nmake.obj msvc_vcproj.obj msvc_vcxproj.obj msvc_objectmodel.obj msbuild_objectmodel.obj registry.obj qbitarray.obj qbuffer.obj qcryptographichash.obj qfilesystementry.obj qfilesystemengine.obj qfilesystemengine_win.obj qfilesystemiterator_win.obj qfsfileengine.obj qfsfileengine_iterator.obj qarraydata.obj qbytearray.obj qvsnprintf.obj qbytearraymatcher.obj qdatetime.obj qdir.obj qdiriterator.obj qfiledevice.obj qfile.obj qtemporaryfile.obj qabstractfileengine.obj qfsfileengine_win.obj qsystemlibrary.obj qfileinfo.obj qglobal.obj qhash.obj qiodevice.obj qringbuffer.obj qdebug.obj qlist.obj qlinkedlist.obj qlocale.obj qlocale_tools.obj qlocale_win.obj qmalloc.obj qmap.obj qregexp.obj qtextcodec.obj qutfcodec.obj qstring.obj qstring_compat.obj qstringlist.obj qstringbuilder.obj qsystemerror.obj qtextstream.obj qdatastream.obj quuid.obj qvector.obj qsettings.obj qlibraryinfo.obj qvariant.obj qsettings_win.obj qmetatype.obj qxmlstream.obj qxmlutils.obj qnumeric.obj qlogging.obj qjson.obj qjsondocument.obj qjsonparser.obj qjsonarray.obj qjsonobject.obj qjsonvalue.obj qmake_pch.obj ole32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 12.00.30501.0 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Info: creating stash file C:\libraries\qt5.8\qt5.8.qmake.stash Info: creating super cache file C:\libraries\qt5.8\qt5.8.qmake.super ERROR: Invalid command line parameter 'nomake'. Qmake failed, return code 3

  • There's no such thing as "install qt5.8 in visualstudio 2013".
    Please let us know how you did install Qt 5.8 (online installer, offline installer, "flavour"), otherwise helping you will be very hard.

  • i have installed through ofline installer @JohanSolo

  • @Rameshguru said in qt 5.8 installation:

    i have installed through ofline installer @JohanSolo

    OK, then which one did you choose?

  • @JohanSolo i have tried by this way ,,
    QT 5.5.1 Installation:

    1. Create a ‘libraries’ folder in C: drive
    2. Download ‘qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.5.1’ from the
      put in libraries folder. Rename it to ‘qt5’.
    3. Install the following prerequisites for qtwebkitwidgetes based on the link


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Rameshguru You first said you installed Qt5.8 now it is 5.5?
    Also putting the installer into the lib folder and renaming it isn't installation!
    You need to EXECUTE the installer to install.
    Also, it sounds like you want to build QWebkit?
    Can't you explain CLEARLY what you want to do?

  • @jslum no it is just installation steps but i already download qt5.8 and go to c:\libraries\qt5.8\paths... followed by type the below coomand

    configure -release -confirm-license -nomake examples -nomake tests -skip qtwebkit-examples opensource -icu -l C:\icu\include -L C:\icu\lib64 -opengl dynamic

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Rameshguru So, you're trying to build Qt?

  • yes , you are ryt... @jsulm

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Rameshguru Is there a reason why you want to build Qt by yourself?

  • i m going to work on qt 5.8 so i install this

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