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[Solved] How to translate text in a listmodel? (qsTr, QT_TR_NOOP)

  • Hallo again,

    When I tried to create translations for my QML UI, an error occurred when I started it: "ListElement: Cannot use script as property value". I have already searched the web for the problem and it turns out that qsTr() cannot be used within a ListModel. As I really need those strings translated, I searched for other options and some bug report answers suggest that QT_TR_NOOP() will do the job. When I replace all the qsTr() with QT_TR_NOOP(), the application is able to start again. However, nothing is translated. Why?

    The translation works well for the C++ part of the application. What do I have to do to get it working for the QML part?

    I have created the language files via the usual queue lupdate qml.qml -ts qml.ts -> Linguist -> lrelease qml.ts. The translators are loaded right after app start:
    QTranslator translatorApp;
    QTranslator translatorUI;
    The lines should load both app and UI translations into German. The "app" one works well, the other one doesn't. The files exist, load() returns true.

    I assume there is an easy way to do it (because it seems like a very standard task for an internationalization-capable framework), but I have not been able to find it. Can anyone point me to a viable solution please?

  • Sweet! Works like a charm. I just made one javascript function for each of my list models and put model.append() there for every element I want to create. Then at application start I make a call via invokeMethod to the javascript function and - voila - everything is translated without bugging me for the qsTr() calls.

    I would have never thought of searching for "carousel" nor did that article pop up when I searched, so a very big thanks for that pointer!

  • You can search by tags. They describe pages better ;)

  • You can use plain list of JS object instead of ListModel.

    id: root

    // define plain JS object list
    property var model: [
    { title: qsTr("Airplane"), descr: qsTr("Some descr 1") },
    { title: qsTr("Car"), descr: qsTr("Some descr 2") },
    { title: qsTr("Credit Card"), descr: qsTr("Some descr 3") }

    ListView {
    model: root.model
    delegate: Rectangle {
    height: 20

        // cross operability with ListModel and plain JS object list
        property var item: model.modelData ? model.modelData : model
        Text { text: item.title + " " + item.descr }


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