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Qt Creator 3.5.1: Repeating keys problem related to XFCE 4

  • Re: Qt Creator 3.5.1: Repeating keys problem

    Btw, I am running Ubuntu in VMWare Player version 12.5.9. I tried Qt Creator in another session (other than XFCE) and problem did not appear again. I have quite a fast typing speed (~110 characters per minute). There is quite some delay when a key appears into Qt Creator, but indeed, the problem did not occur in this session.

    Logged in as an XFCE session, et voilĂ , problem occurred again. Fixed it by typing 'xfce4-keyboard-settings', go to tab 'Behavior' and disabling 'Enable keys repeat'.

    Good to see that Qt Creator now also runs correctly in a default Ubuntu session.

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