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list of wifi devices

  • Hello,
    I need to list the devices in a wlan, specifically all printers in a wlan. At this moment I can list all ipadresses in a wlan with networkinterface, but How is the step to identify a device with the ipadress? Or do I have to use DBus or CanBus?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean the network printers configured on your machine or scanning the whole network to find network printers ?

    Out of curiosity, what is the goal of this ?

  • Scanning the network to find only wifi printers.
    To fulfill your curiosity: It was a fiverr gig, what I now cancelled, because the test on this flag to check whether the qnetworkinterface was a wifi, always returnd unknown, although I have wifi and a wifi printer for testing. It already failed to check on the networktype QTNetworkInterface::Wifi. I think that the solution of this problem must be solved with the windows api and not with the qtnetwork module.
    I think that checking out the routing table and then listening on the usual ports for printing would do the stuff, but this is just an assumption to test.

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    hi @petesimmons ,

    usually network printers announce their service with Zeroconf/Bonjour/Avahi.

    You should research in this direction.

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