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Antivirus prevents Qt Creator to edit my project files!

  • I'm using Qt Creator(4.7.1) on Windows 10 machine. once I create a new projects everything goes fine, but when I try to edit some files and resave/rebuild the project it gives an error message that the current file can't be resaved! And then I realized that when I turn off my antivirus everything works fine. I'm using "McAfee LiveSafe" antivirus. any suggestions on this issue, pls??

  • @BoboFuego you may need to contact the antivirus vendor, since the issue seems not related to Qt framework at all.

    In the meantime, you may want to try this:

    • right click the file's icon.
    • choose Properties on the pop-up menu.
    • at the bottom of the General tab of the Properties dialog box, look for an UNBLOCK button; if it's there, click it.
    • then try opening the file with Qt Creator

  • @BoboFuego

    1. Remove anything McAfee from your PC! Or

    2. Look through its options. AVs usually have a place where you can specify any number of directories to be "excluded from scanning/protection". You need to add to such a list wherever you save your files back to.

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    Hi @BoboFuego,

    please also have a look here: QTCREATORBUG-7668. They did improve some things in that regard for the upcoming Creator 4.7.2 version.

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