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Qwidget transparency is not coming for my application

  • System: Embedded linux
    Kernel Version: Linux 4.4.
    Qt: 5.0
    My application needs to create a single qwidget with background color:blue, with a 15% transparency.
    I used Qt interface setWindowOpacity(0.85); it works good with windows platform but it draws a complete opaque widget in my linux machine. (both in Qt4.8 and Qt5.0)
    I also tried with below options.

    • setStyleSheet("background-color: rgba( 23, 29, 35, 85%)"); it is working while using Qt4.8, but not working for Qt5.0
    • setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground); it gives complete transparency in my linux machine, not working for windows.
    • Also tried to overload paintEvent and setting the alpha.
      I could not understand why transparency of widget is not working for Qt5.0, although i tried to mention RGBA explicitly for my widget.
      Can anybody help me resolving this issue.

  • @BikashSahu
    Is this a gfx card driver/limitation under Linux/embedded?

    Forget about transculency on embedded linux. Your X server there probably doesn't support compositing anyway.

    so it is not possible to get translucency on embedded linux anyway?

  • Thanks JonB for your reply, I am checking my x-server side for this issue.

  • @JonB : The issue was caused by our wayland compositor (window manager) of embedded system.

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