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QSystemDeviceInfo equivalent for Desktop & Laptops ?

  • Is there a class equivalent for QSystemDeviceInfo that can be used for Desktop & Laptops (Win/Mac) ?

    The QSystemDeviceInfo class appears to be only for handhelds..is that correct ?

    Looking for a way to get the..


    ..of a desktop or laptop. It would be nice if what ever is suggested would work for both Windows and Macs.

    I've found and tried..

    QStringList environment = QProcess::systemEnvironment();

    ..but it returns a list of stuff that is not consistent for both Windows and Mac machines.

  • QProcess::systemEnvironment returns the environment variables, not information about the OS and hardware.

    AFAIK, you can use QtMobility also on the Desktop, can't you? Then you could yust use the same methods...

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