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How to create a Qt UWP project in VS 2017?

  • I installed VS 2017 and Qt 5.11.2 including the UWP options,
    as well as the VS extension for QT.
    From the new project's window I can select and create regular Qt applications.
    But how do I create Qt UWP project?
    There does not seam to be an option for that.

  • ah come one people here must know the answer and the question is not that stupid as not to deserve an answer imho.

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    @DavidXanatos Please be more patient. People here are helping in their free time and voluntary.
    What exact Qt version did you install?

  • As noted in the opening post "5.11.2 including the UWP options"
    In qt creator I can choose between normal win32/64 desktop programs and UWP apps.
    however in visual studio 2017 with the qt extension version 2.2.2 when starting a new project I get only options for normal win32/64 qt based programs, all UWP options there do not include qt support.

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