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looking for information without question being hyjacked

  • im wondering if there is a web browser widget in the latest version of QT creator, i have installed it and selected the "qwebengine" in the setup process but there is no browser widget, my last post someone told me that i have to build it from another widget or something, i do not have time to write the whole thing in code i need to be able to drag and drop a few componants onto the form and do some basic coding so make it funtional so my clients can fill in there data, using the browser control to verify the info is correct before submission.

    to be clear... im not looking for the designer, i found that, i also found all the other controls i needed just cant find a web browser widget and cant seem to get a straight answer whether there is 1 or if i have to build 1 from some other widget.

    the reason i do not want to waste my time on building the widget is the whole thing takes about 15 - 20 mins to build start to finish, i might have to do this 20 - 30 times a day depending on the time of year and people have different needs and for that reason i have to rebuild the app every time a new client wants me to do something for them.

    im fully aware there is probably better ways to do it, i dont care, i currently use windows 10 with vs studio, i would like to not be spied on at work all day by windows but have been unable to find an alternative to vs studio (qt creator looks promising if i can get a web browser widget)

  • @outkasted
    The widget you want is called QWebEngineView you can see the docs here. You can also find an example of a web browser which you could maybe modify and use for you own purposes.

    You will not find the QWebEngineView in the QDesigner toolbox, I don't know why but thats how it is.
    What you need to do is create a QMainWindow type GUI and add an instance of the QWebEngineView to the central widget. You will be able to load a url into it. The documentation will give you a hint about how to do that. You can put the QWebEngineView on a Dialog or a plain widget if you want to its up to you.
    The documentation about the simple browser example is here.

    I could knock you out a simple example using a QMainWindow project but like you I just don't have the time to do that...

  • thanks for the reply, for the amount of coding i plan to do its just to much work, im not interested in making my life harder for the sake of not using windows, productivity over ethics every time for me since im in the field of engraving and etching and i would much rather be the asshole who got it right than the nice guy who got it wrong :P

    thanks for the links, still going to check it out but i think its just more work for the same result

    thanks again mate.

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