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How do I append an item to my ListModel that's been defined not in the main.qml file

  • Let's say I have a ListModel component in A.qml:

    ListModel {
    id: alphabetModel
    I have a seperate JS file to append items into my ListModel:

    alphabetModel.append({"Letter": "A"});
    If I run my code, I get a reference error:

    ReferenceError: alphabetModelis not defined
    I know I wouldn't get the ReferenceError if my ListModel was in main.qml and I did import my JS file into my A.qml.

    Any way of resolving this reference error?

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    Object of A is not created. Unless you create the the object like
    id : jim

    Now you can all jim.append{}

  • @jimbolaya
    Try passing the object into a js method.

    function append(lst) {
      lst.append({"Letter": "A"})

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