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Computer Vision Desktop App using graphic annotations over images

  • I am trying to figure out whehter to develop my project in QT Quick or QT Widgets. If I explain my usecase/project features below can you suggest which API best suites my needs?

    The project analyse and display a video stream of a forest. When animals enter the frame, annotations that describe the animal will appear over the video stream image. The annotations will be text (Deer, Dog, etc.) and a diagonal line pointing to the animals head. There will also be bounding rectangles drawn around the animal.

    • The app only needs to run on Linux and Windows Desktops
    • The app doesn't need to look 'native' (with windows OS/linux OS controls). It would be better if it didn't look native at all.
    • The project will use OpenCV
    • I will need to create unique looking 'annotation' controls/widgets. I will need to draw transparent windows (such as the rectangular bounding box around the animal) or I will need to draw directly onto the video stream window.

    Which is better suited to my needs: Quick Controls or QT Widgets?

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    I haven't used it yet but from your description the Live CV project might be worth looking at.

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