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Migrating to newer qt versions

  • A qml application developed for an embedded system with a particular Qt version (consider Qt 5.9).
    When the qml application is migrated onto newer Qt versions could be 5.10 or 5.11, What parameters or considerations are to be verified ?
    Anything that has to be considered additionally apart form compiling, building with the newer Qt versions and testing the application ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Check whether the features you are currently using have seen bug fixes otherwise you can keep using the same code with the same import versions.

  • Thanks for that info. As suggested, bug fix can be checked with the Qt's official Release Note.
    Is there anything more which needs to be considered or looked upon like performance improvement in terms of CPU, Memory consumption or any other factors.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    That's the kind of information that you can also find in the release notes and announcements.

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