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Ada and Qt integration into Qt Creator

  • I was looking into adding Ada into Qt Creator but when I started to look at the tool set we have Ada was not included in MinGW, even though there are provisions to have the language. Also the Editor only allow C/C++ variations and not other languages. I can probably back fill the Ada part into the compilation toolset or make a new toolkit but getting the editor to recognize Ada (and I thought it use to allow for this years ago) seems to be an issue. I can write my own bindings to Ada and vice versa if needed. I see that QtAda is out of business and the webpage is gone. Any suggestions on how to integrate into the Qt Tool Kit set?

  • In Qt Creator 4.8 we introduce an experimental client for the "Language Server Protocol".

    Looks like there is at least some language server for Ada (, state unknown to me). That might work in our language client in Qt Creator 4.8.
    For highlighting you'll also need to install the highlighting spec file for Ada, Tools > Options > Text Editor > Generic Highlighter > Download definitions, find Ada and download.

    Regarding QtAda and integration with Qt in other ways, no idea.

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