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ELI5 What is the user experience for installing games under LGPL?

  • If I have a game made in QT under LGPL that I want to keep proprietary...

    • Will players be able to do a one-click installation on Google Play?

    • On the iOS Store?

    • On Desktop, will players be able to run a single .exe avoiding have to manually download libraries?

    Bonus question: If I build/release a software engine in QT that has statically-linked dlls, and that engine downloads proprietary config files, do I have to open-source the config files?

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    1. I don't see a reason why the wouldn't
    2. Same as 1
    3. They can but to comply with the LGPL you'll have to provide the object files for your project so they can re-link it to a Qt version of they choice. Since there are pretty good installer solutions, you should rather go the dynamic way.
    4. No

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