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Error in installation

  • I recently decided to learn to develop gui applications using qt. But its been 2 days already and i am stuck with installation only. Here are the things that i did.
    First, i downloaded the unified online installer for latest version of qt at the moment. It downloaded sucessfully and after that i ran that very installer. the problem is that every thing seems to work fine until it reaches 79% of process. After that it completely stops. By now i have tried this 3 times already installing and reinstalling back and forth. All the time it stops at 79%. After little bit of research i found out that many say to download offline installer that works well. i tried that too. that installer also got downloaded succesfully. But the same issue while installing after the installer is run. This time it has stopped at 90%.

    As shown above it stucks after reaching 90%. i researched a little bit. Everywhere i see that people are having problem while downloading installer. Thats not the issue in this case. it stops it does not whether it is offline installer or online installer. If geographic locations matter. I am from India. Please anyone reading this message help me as soon as possible as it is so frustrating that even installing is taking this long. I have seen these kinds of posts from five years ago. Why these issues are arising still? This should be fixed as no one wants to the installing process to be this daunting and errorprone. Thank you.

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    You should report that to Qt bug tracker. https://bugreports.qt.io

    In the meantime, try some older release like 5.11.1 or 5.10.1. And remember to also check the MinGW in Tools section.

    Also, have you checked your antivirus? Perhaps it is restricting the installer somehow?

  • okay i will try the older versions. But i have some questions there too. I have seen that the problem is with regions and it is not about version. Same issue was arising 5 years ago in asia pacific region. Those posts can be seen in this forum only. So if it is about regions can anyone help me figure out which mirror to choose to download if that changes anything. When i was trying to download the latest version for third time i looked at different mirrors. The one from my region belonged to japan. And already many people are complaining about how slow the mirror site from japan is. So how should i choose mirror? Can anyone assist me with that?
    And yes every kind of check that needs to be done from my side has been done already as i have already read many posts related to this. So, that includes antivirus check also. And while downloading i also checked the mingw section.

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    Your problem arises after download, so region has nothing to do with it. Qt data is mirrored on various servers around the globe, but it is the same data, bit for bit.

    One more request: if you've checked "Sources" to be installed - uncheck them. They often get stuck during installation (but not indefinitely - they do install but it takes several minutes).

  • Again same issue even in qt version 5.10.1.

    I am not even sure how to proceed. I have tried everything as instructed but same issue persists in online as well as offline installer. Nothing seems to work.
    And yes i never checked "Sources" as i wanted minimal installation to start learning as soon as possible but it is taking forever.

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    OK that's super weird, I don't have any more ideas. You could try Linux, maybe there it'll work for you.

    Well, maybe one more idea: are you sure you have enough available space on your hard drive?

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    Another thing you can try is to run Resource Monitor: https://www.pcworld.com/article/241677/how_to_use_resource_monitor.html

    What do you see under the CPU, Disk, and Memory tabs when the installation is progressing from 0% to 80%? What do you see when the installation gets stuck?

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