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Using win/wip branch of qtconnectivity

  • I found out about a work in progress branch of qtconnectivity that will work with win32 application. I just wanted to know what is the progress of this branch. Is it OK to use the branch for creating applications using this branch. I was able to clone and build the branch using mingw and certain functionalities such as getting search for devices is working while others like connect to devices doesn't seem to work. Is there any one who have experience in using qtconnectivity for win32 application using mingw32 or MSVC. It would be really helpful if some one can give me a lead.

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    Do you mean connectivity by Bluetooth? It works in normal Qt build (take Qt 5.11.2 for example), just use the official Qt installer. No need to build Qt manually for that.

    However, there are some gotchas:

    • bluetooth works well only on Windows 10
    • "works well" means "a lot worse than on other platforms, but works"

  • @sierdzio Yes I see that 5.11 "works well" with an MSVC Compiler. I wanted to know if it works with mingw32 compiler.
    I read from this post that it will be possible with the work in progress branch. And yes I am developing on windows 10 platform.

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    Ah, ok. I don't know the answer. In Qt 5.10 definitely bluetooth did not work with MinGW.

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