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QPainter::drawText cost 500ms to run

  • Hi, all
    I have a problem. I use QPainter::drawText in QWidget::paintEvent. But, after I set font, the drawText function will cost about 500ms to run at the first time. Then it runs quickly , less then 5ms.
    I use drawText(const QRect & rectangle, int flags, const QString & text, QRect * boundingRect = 0).
    Qt version 5.9.6

    So, please help me. How can I draw text normal quickly.

  • @Henry-Li

    QPainter::drawText cost 500ms to run
    Then it runs quickly , less then 5ms.

    Is it 5ms or 500ms you are claiming? There's quite a difference....
    OIC, you mean 500ms first time and then 5ms. Got it.
    Could it be first load of a particular font??

  • I just use C:\Windows\Fonts\msyh.tff font and set QFont::setPixelSize(25).
    If I don't set font, 'drawText' run fast. I don't know why.
    I have searched the solution for a week now, but I have no result.
    I used 5.9.0 before, and I update to 5.9.6 today. But don't fix it

  • Try adding the font to the database in advance:

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