Rotate QpushButton with text

  • I am developing a project on raspberry pi with the help of QT. i am accessing raspberry pi board through HDMI cable on Desktop. now i want to rotate GUI of mainwindow as i want to connect it with LCD (800*480). inshort right now my GUI is vertical and it is display same as i am connecting it to LCD. so i want to rotate it to -90 degree (horizontally). Please reply

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    @Akhi I would say you should rather rotate the whole screen not just your app or even parts of it like buttons. But this needs to be done on OS level.

  • Thank you for reply @jsulm :)
    Actually i am working on Ubuntu mate (Linux) and i have rotated the screen also but, in Ubuntu mate OS screen is rotates onlu 180 degree only (Just like mirror image). it is not getting rotate +90 degree or -90 degree.
    Is there any other option to rotate?????

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