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Help With Simple Slot Game...Novice!!!

  • I am completely new to novice as they come. Looking to create a simple slot game that has only three symbols..single payline

    winning symbol...when these line up on the 3 reels the user gets a point
    free spin symbol...user gets a free spin when these line up
    jackpot symbol...user wins a prize when these line up

    the goal is to have spins or credits input into the game and the user or player will win 98.5% of the time with the jackpot winning 1.5% of the time

    the free spins will allow the player to actually receive more points then original spins..
    if the only winning combination is 1 point...then the the only way for the player to receive more points then original spins it to receive free spins

    once the player is out of spins then the game will print a receipt that displays the original input spins...the actual spins(original spins +free spins)...points percentage based on earned points to actual spins

    I am a graphic in almost all stantard graphic programs and 3D(cinema 4D) any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated....would also be willing to pay for some help!!!!

    Thanks !

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Have you any programming knowledge ?

  • little...years back worked in lingo and still nav html..A Bit

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    Then before looking a creating a game, I'd recommend that you study the basics of C++. You also have the option of writing your game with QtQuick which implies the use Javascript.

  • which would be the most effective for my knowledge level? I would love to possibly hire someone to work on this while I am getting up to speed. any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Since you're a designer, QtQuick will likely be the fastest way to get something up and running without too much pain.

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