Is it possible to use Qt4 from VS 2017 using addin 2.2.2?

  • I need to compile my old application with qt 4.8.7 in Visual Studio 2017. I compiled Qt 4.8.7 for VS 2017 and added it into Qt sets in addin options. However building fails because wrong parameters are passed to moc.exe (moc from qt4 has somewhat different flags). Does current addin support Qt4? I can build my application using qmake/nmake combination, but that is not very convenient.

  • What You mean about 'compile my old application with qt 4.8.7 in Visual Studio 2017' ?
    If Visual studio 2017 IDE, the short answer is NO, because Qt4 plugin for visual studio doesn't support Visual Studio 2017 IDE.
    But in other side saying 'NO' means that VC2017 IDE just can not parse .pro file and run qt-specific tools automatically.
    Whatever You can use Visual Studio 2017 IDE and run moc, uic, rcc and other tools , customize Your project include, lib parameters manually (IMO).

  • Well, I was able to make it a little further by removing Compiler Flavor and Include values from moc project options. However, rcc fails with unknown parameter --name (it should be -name for qt4 rcc) and I didn't found the way to avoid it for now.

  • Solved it, I just needed to generate visual studio project file using qmake, addin not even required.
    qmake.exe -tp vc

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