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I need help getting Placemarks to show on my MarbleWidget with addGeoDataString

  • I believe I've got the correct function to put Placemarks on my MarbleWidget:

    @void addGeoDataString (const QString &data, const QString &key="data")@

    to put the Point indicated in this kml string onto my MarbleWidget

    @<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <name>Houlton International Airport</name>
    <description>Weather Station</description>

    but I'm getting nothing to appear.
    ( "xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/kml/2.2"" keeps getting cropped out of my kml open tag )

    Is my kml correct?

    Do I need to call another function on MarbleWidget to display the newly added Points in the model?

    I've left the second parameter empty, as it has a default, and frankly (from the "documentation":http://api.kde.org/4.6-api/kdeedu-apidocs/marble/html/classMarble_1_1MarbleWidget.html#a429644198835fbfc15982e552c41cc62)
    data- the string containing the Placemarks.
    key- the string needed to identify the data@

    I don't know what "data" is supposed to indicate.
    I've gone back in MarbleWidget source code, where the parameters flip-flopped places enough times to tangle me up.

    Mostly, I think this is probably a simple thing, and that I'm overlooking something obvious.
    Anyone have a clue for me?

  • I think you will get more and better replies on a question on Marble in a "mailinglist":https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/marble-devel dedicated to it.

  • Andre, Thanks, you are correct. I also asked there, and got this reply...
    (I'll include for anyone else looking for this response)

    I think that you need to update the data model so that the new placemark
    appears on the mapwidget. A call to
    (working with the latest code on git) should do it, but it maybe slow if you need to add many placemarks.

    I am working on adding a function "addFeature" to GeoDataTreeModel which will work the same way as addDocument, updating only the data you replaced, which should work better if you have a large number of placemarks to add. It works fine in single-threaded mode (see attached file for a patch).

    If you want to give it a try, you will have to create your kml tree, something like:
    Marble::GeoDataDocument *mydoc=new Marble::GeoDataDocument();
    mydoc->setFileName("mydocument.kml"); //Will identify the document internally, must be unique
    mydoc->setName("My_GeoDataDocument"); //Name for visualisation in MarbleWidget

    Marble::GeoDataFolder *myfolder=new Marble::GeoDataFolder;
    myfolder->setName("My first folder"); //(setName from base class GeoDataFeature, inherited from GeoDataContainer)
    Marble::GeoDataPlacemark *myplacemark=new Marble::GeoDataPlacemark;
    myplacemark->setName("A placemark in a folder");
    marblewidget->model()->treeModel()->addFeature(mydoc, myfolder);
    marblewidget->model()->treeModel()->addFeature(myfolder, myplacemark);

    You can also retrieve an existing element GeoData... structure from its QModelIndex (for instance, if you loaded an existing document with a
    call to MarbleWidget::addDocument(QString) ):
    GeoDataObject* geoobject = static_cast<GeoDataObject*>( modelindex.internalPointer()

    I have added GeoDataTreeModel::index(GeoDataFeature*) function to recover the QModelIndex of a feature already present in the treemodel, I am not sure if there is an easier way to get the model (I go through up the tree upto top-level node m_rootDocument, and then build the index downwards, any ideas?).

    The attached code is work in progress. My plan is to include:

    • Implement a removeFeature function
    • Reimplement calls to addDocument and removeDocument with calls to new functions addFeature and removeFeature (so that all the code to do the update is centered in a single function).
    • Add protection for multithreaded operation. With code on svn (and my patch as it is) a single call to addDocument from a thread different of the main thread causes the application to crash.

    I am having some trouble with multithreading, I will send a message to the list asking for help on this later.

    I will be glad to hear any feedback you may have on the patch, I will submit it to reviewboard when it is complete.


    Edit: added a bit of markup. Especially on code sections, could you please use @ tags to properly format them?; Andre

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