What is the better option - ui builder or hand (code) made ui?

  • As a newbie, I am in doubt if I should use ui builder from qtcreator or if hand code the user interface.

    For example, when using QStackedWidget, ui builder automatically adds widgets called pages. What is not a bad behavior, but unexpected, because adding controls into QStackedWidget put them side-by-side. So just after reading the .ui file I figured out what was happening.



  • I think this is purely a matter of taste.

    I usually hand code all the UI code, because it means greater flexibility to me and I'm usually faster. But at this stage I have a concrete vision of how it will look like (mostly based on photoshop templates or hand-drawn sketches). However the UI designer is still a good tool and I would see it more as a rapid development and design tool, mostly in the decision-making process (the same applies for the Qt Quick designer).

    But as I said - matter of taste ;-)

  • A matter of taste indeed. I prefer to use Designer for the parts that I can, and that is usually for most of what I need. I find that it is easier to maintain my ui's that way. However, there is nothing wrong with either aproach.

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