Nokia N950 – How To Remove Developer Edition Branding

  • Hi Guys

    I have found out a blog regarding Nokia N950 – How To Remove Developer Edition Branding? from the phone.

    " ":

    is it safe to do it ?

  • I haven't n950, but I red this article - it seems absolutely safe - only two text files edit - this changes easy return back.

  • But won't that be against the NDA or agreement you have accepted. After all the device is just a loaner and Nokia can ask you to return it back.

  • Hi,

    analyzing the files role in the linux envirnoment it has sense and is surely safe. I have done it and works. You can proceed as follows:

    (supposing that you have a wifi connected to both the N950 and a pc with a terminal application supporting ssh) launch the SDK connector application without connecting the device to the pc via USB cable. From the program select the WLAN button as the connection type and see the ip address got by the device.

    from the terminal on the pc, type

    $>ssh root@ip_address_N950
    (at the password promt type rootme) This way is confortable than working from the device terminal. If you have not a connection you can use anyway the Terminal program on the device instead.

    $>cd to the folder where you should edit the files

    launch the editor command followed by the file name

    Save the files after editing.

    Reboot the device.

    That's all. :)

  • I think how to do it is not an issue , how about NDA that we have signed.

  • I read this as a useful information about how the system works. Then the change is full reversible, and to be curious is not a pity.

    Useful in future in applications. I have not had so many time exploring ths Meego linux but I have seen that this is a kind of patch that can be managed from a application in some conditions useful for settings and changes.

    I have not signed a specific NDA with Nokia, but I agree with your vision. Developing with nokia support - that is the best support I have ever seen from a big company to open source developers - we should at least be obliged to support their brand...

  • appreciate your thought.

    Have you got a device through different channel? without signing a NDA ?

  • I am developing and application (and many other) for something connected to Nokia for which I have signed a general NDA. But the question is that NDA relates to the forbid to reveal something like industrial secrets, or marketing knowledge in advance etc, not to study and know how a device is create, works, is structured etc.

    I am curious so it is sure that I try all the technical things that are related to some kind of knowledge on the devices. Then this doesn't change anything to the device as I know.

    What contains exactly the NDA that developers signed ? I already asked to see one to some other but I had no answer.

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