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Unable to setup Qt Quick Project using Qtcreator 4.5.1 based on Qt 5.10.1

  • Hello,
    I'm using Qt creator 4.5.1 to develop cross platform application for beagleboard x15 based on Qt 5.9.6 LTS
    While trying to create Qt Quick Application but not succeded yet.
    I've setup AM57xx kit which can build widget based application successfully.
    While trying edit QML based UI file It show Cannot connect to QML Emulation Layer(QML Puppet).

    Where my .pro file contains

    QML_IMPORT_PATH = $$PWD/qml/QtQuick/Controls.2/Material
    QML_IMPORT_PATH = $$PWD/qml/QtQuick/Window.2

    QML_DESIGNER_IMPORT_PATH = $$PWD/qml/QtQuick/Controls.2/Material

  • I've reset qml emulation path to its default now it is showing different error.

    QML module not found (QtQuick.Window)

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