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QTextCodec::codecForLocale does not work in N950 for codec GB2312 encoding text

  • I was using QTextCodec::codecForLocale to detect the suitable codec to decode some plain text, but I found when I set the local to China and had a text file which was encoded with GB2312 the QTextCodec::codecForLocale() did not return the right codec.

    The returned was "System", I checked the doc, it said "On Windows, the codec will be based on a system locale. On Unix systems, starting with Qt 4.2, the codec will be using the iconv library. Note that in both cases the codec's name will be "System".".

    But when I used the codec to decode some text, the same code worked well on windows, but on N950 the decoded string only contained English and number characters.
    Does anyone know why?

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