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QT Advanced Text Editor

  • Hello, I can do this but I prefer much harder do than basic projects.
    So how can I implement or add features like Microsoft word?
    I made similar things with Javascript. But this time qt widgets not enough for that's.
    Where do i put text area because i need a ruler, a sizer ..?
    graphic view? PaintView?
    Can i use SDL or other things as limitless in QT. I don't find any source about writing widget for QT.
    I think that widgets very limited

    other options is easy for me as result i should write html designer with table formats, styles, fonts, charts.
    But it seems to not easy as js.
    Could you can explain thats. What is best practice way

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You can build off QTextEdit
    And for ruler and sizer etc are just other widgets in a layout with QTextEdit.
    Yes you can use almost any kind of c++ library with Qt.

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