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How to get QModelIndex of children in QML TreeView

  • Hi,

    I have a QML TreeView which shows a QStandardItemModel. The QStandardItemModel has different files on the first level, and each file can have several calculations as children. The view displays this like this

    • file 1
      • calculation 1
      • calculation 2
    • file 2
      -file 3
      • calculation 1

    but for files and calculations, I use different delegates (using a Loader). In order to set the selection of an ItemSelectionModel assigned to the TreeView, I do the following:


    This works perfectly for my file delegate, but in the calculation delegate, for some reason myList.index(model.index,0) seems not to work. A console.log of the Index gives QModelIndex(). I wonder whether this is because the calculations are child items of the files?

    But more precisely: How do I get the QModelIndex() of the calculation entries in my view?

  • @maxwell31 Hi,

    Probably you need to give the parent to get the index of a child from index() method:,0, indexOfParent),2)

    It's working with file delegate because their parents is the root, and it's like if they have no parents.

  • Thank you. You are right. However, how can I obtain the parent?

  • @maxwell31 That's a good question. I never used TreeView...

    I would say you can use QModelIndex::parent(). But it seems it's not callable from QML., 0, model.index.parent()), 2) 

    Why do you need to make this selection ? is it coming from user ?

  • Yes, the user should be able to click on an entry, and the state of the main window in the GUI will change. The TreeView is displayed next to the main window and I would like the selection to indicate what is displayed in the main window

  • Ok, the error seems to be that I used model.index instead of styleData.index. styleData.index seems to give the QModelIndex. So do I understand it right, that model.index gives the row in the TreeView and styleData.index has the QModelIndex?

  • @maxwell31 I don't know about model.index. But according to itemDelegate documentation: styleData.index - the QModelIndex of the current item in the model

    You can also retrieve the row and column index using styleData.row and styleData.column

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