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Bluetooth and Windows

  • Hi all -

    I've begun experimenting with Bluetooth. I'm not sure how to interpret this paragraph:

    Despite there not being a Win32 port yet, the WinRT backend is automatically used if the win32 target platform supports the required WinRT APIs. Minimal requirement is Windows 10 version 1507 with slightly improved service discovery since Windows 10 version 1607. Therefore Windows 7 and 8.x targets are excluded.

    Later it says:

    Despite the fact that the module can be built for all Qt platforms, the module is not ported to all of them. Not supported platforms such as Windows desktop employ a fake or dummy backend which is automatically selected when the platform is not supported. The dummy backend reports appropriate error messages and values which allow the Qt Bluetooth developer to detect at runtime that the current platform is not supported. The dummy backend is also selected on Linux if BlueZ development headers are not found during build time or Qt was built without Qt D-Bus support.

    These quotes are from this page.

    So, does this mean that if I'm trying to use Qt Bluetooth on a Windows 10 system, I could expect it to operate correctly? Or is there additional effort on my part?


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    Im not sure Bluetooth is ready for Desktop use.
    Only winRT seems supported. ( win 10 apps, not desktop programs)
    However, people seems to use
    for desktop apps.

  • Interesting...looks like Microsoft is deliberately making it difficult. Guess I'll use something on an Android instead.

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    well its more like they never did implement a cross device api to handle all
    bluetooth the same. Traditionally you would use the SDk for the device to access the features
    much like other device drivers.

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    good news: starting with Qt 5.13 Alpha Qt supports BT LE Devices without Pairing, but ATM from binaries only for desktop builds - for UWP you must build Qt by yourself.
    I tested with MSVC2017-64 and devices are listed, can connect, read, write. On some devices Notify doesn't work, Disconnect never works.
    you can follow

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