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QtGStreamer - QGlib::connect

  • I meet some Error Tips when I use "QGlib::connect" to connect QGst::BusPtr with my slots function.

    Although the slots function have worked successfully, the app always print some error message like that after slots :

    Error during invocation of closure connected to signal "message::eos" from object "" : "One of the arguments of the signal was not a valid GValue. This is most likely a bug in the code that invoked the signal."

    my codes like that:

    QGst::BusPtr bus = m_pipeline->bus();
    QGlib::connect(bus, "message", this, &MainWindow::onBusMessage );

    Has anyone ever had the same problem?

  • When I use QGlib::connect at other Class such as QWidget...
    This error has disappeared!

    Maybe... I should not use it at QMainwindows ?

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    Can you show both versions code ?

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